Outreach to Women in Oklahoma City

Changed Women’s Ministry – Edmond, OK

With the items received through Kaleo, we reached out to multiple people.  To senior citizens, widows, single moms, low-income daycares, and foster families.  The range was: a single mom of four living in a two-bedroom apartment with a child who has severe M.S.; A single mom of four who is a police officer; a single mom of 3, living in a small home who is assisting another single mom of four by allowing her to stay in the home with...

Working with Jesus House

Everyone here in a paid position came through the program at some point and has been able to stay sober and is moving their life forward.  There is always so much to do, so many people who live around here and don’t have homes who lean on us to be able to eat during the day.  There are so many needs…especially, hygiene products.  We appreciate anything and everything you provide us.   ...

Support for Oklahoma First Responders

Supporting Oklahoma First Responders

We want to “Thank You”, Kaleo Foundation for so generously supporting our outreach to the First Responders in Oklahoma. We have been blessed to share water, sparkling water, Propel water, popcorn, a variety of candy, granola bars, cookies, chips and plates, cups, etc. By the Kaleo Foundation providing these items it has made it possible for us to make larger donations.  We provided lunch to 160 Fire Fighters on their green, red, blue teams as well as the office staff and...