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Jennifer Zumwalt

One Friday evening I felt led to read Psalm 24:1, "The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it.  The world all its people belong to him."  As I went to sleep, I saw a vision of our church delivering items to an impoverished neighborhood in our community. The next day at 1:30 PM the Kaleo Foundation called offering a "few boxes" of coffee.  However, when we arrived, we received much more than coffee!  We also received pallets of sports drinks, pallets of chips and popcorn, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, and wrapping paper.  Upon seeing the wrapping paper, God gave a clear answer as to how we were going to serve - an outreach called "Christmas in September." Through Christmas in September, we empowered members of our launch team and other community members to wrap gift boxes for families who could use a little hope.  The next day we hosted a caravan through a neighborhood blaring Christmas music.  Upon arriving in the neighborhood, we unloaded our U-Haul and placed gifts on each doorstep.  We served 250 families.  The families who received the gift boxes were ecstatic.  They were filled with hope and expressed their gratitude.

Freedom Worship

Rickey M. Thomas II, Lead Pastor

I want to express sincere gratitude for your generosity. Having recently fractured my arm, lengthy grocery shopping is not feasible.


Thank you for the food box. My favorite item are the cereals and the bars, granola and others. We appreciate your thoughtfulness! Written by my mom-because I am blind.

James M.

Thank you for the care packages you have given to us. They are fun to go through and find different things to eat than we would normally get. We enjoy them and the toilet tissue , etc are needed.

Melvin and Emelia

Its comforting to know that there are kind and generous people in the world.


What a blessing you have been to our lives. You have given us a glimpse into the heart of Jesus.


The Eastern Oklahoma County Resource Center would like to thank the Kaleo Foundation for the snack bags donated. EOCRC is made up of volunteers from a number of churches in the Choctaw/Nicoma Park area. Every summer they coordinate the distribution of three lunches and three snacks per child per week for the months of June and July. The children range in ages from one to 18 and each family we are serving this year qualified for free or reduced lunches through the school system. The need has especially been great this year, more than doubling our numbers normally served due to the pandemic. We are serving 62 families and 181 children! In addition to the lunches, if the family needs it, we also give them an additional sack of groceries per week. This week the children on our routes were each given one of your snack bags and the responses were phenomenal! The kids were so very excited, jumping up and down and saying "AWESOME"! The parents were very appreciative of the extra treats as well. We felt very blessed to have an extra something to give out and help make a tough summer a

The Eastern Oklahoma County Resource Center


Jubilee Partners is deeply grateful for the Kaleo Foundation’s donation of resources for our Summer Kids Club Program. The prizes are allowing us to celebrate every victory with each child. We have found that so often children in at-risk or high-risk situations are not offered any positive reinforcement. We feel that positive reinforcement is a key tool in long-term success of the child. Every time the children complete an academic activity or specific goal in our program they are receiving a small prize, thanks to your generosity. Additionally, all of the food and drink donations are a significant blessing. Due to COVID-19, we have taken our Kid’s Club program “on the road”, setting up canopy tents in front of students' homes and at specific outreach locations. The water and Gatorade you provided is making sure our staff and students stay properly hydrated. The weekend food packs are helping us to ensure that no student is hungry in the days between our programming. Your support has been incredible and we are grateful!

Jubilee Partners

Kristen Donovan - Executive Director

Thank you so much for the kind gifts given to me and the teachers at Arthur Elementary. To the hands that prepared them, the thought, that went into them, and the preparation given, I give thanks.

Arthur Elementary

Ms. Olson

I am writing with a grateful heart for the Kaleo Foundation’s donations. The Providence Sober Living Apartments houses 47 families and 65 children. The residents are in an outpatient drug and alcohol recovery programs. The residents were extremely happy and somewhat surprised with such a generous supply of goods

Providence Sober Living

Mrs. Reva G. Coby, Case Manager

The mission of Little Light Christian School is to break the cycle of generational incarceration. We do this by providing a full-day private Christian School for children of incarcerated parents. We minister to these children and their families. Children of the incarcerated are among the most vulnerable in Oklahoma. They are seven times more likely than their peers to be incarcerated by their twenty-third birthday. We are exceedingly grateful for the ministry of the Kaleo Foundation providing food to Little Light and our families.

Little Light Christian School

Robin Khoury, Founder and Principal

We are very grateful for your support which will assist us as we continue to build a strong Family Justice Center. Thank you for dreaming big with us as we work to stop generational cycles of violence and bring hope to hurting families. We couldn’t do it without you!

Oklahoma City’s Family Justice Center

Kim Garrett, LMSW, NACP CEO

I just wanted to let you know how beneficial the ministry of Kaleo has been to our churches and the outreach efforts. Our churches adopted 5 schools: Anderson Elementary in Tulsa, Willow Brook Elementary, Spencer Elementary, and Thelma Parks Elementary in Tulsa. Our churches also adopted four senior living facilities. These are exciting times and partnering with the Kaleo Foundation has increased our ability to impact the lives of children, families in need, and the elderly. Thank you and blessings.

Bishop Malcolm Coby

Bishop Malcolm Coby

County Farm Bureau Offices across the state are now offering free fruit, vegetable, and flower seeds to the public. The seeds were donated to the Oklahoma Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture by the Kaleo Foundation, an Oklahoma City-based nonprofit that works to meet the critical needs of children, families, and the elderly with food and educational assistance.

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

Our desire is to reach single-parent families that may be suffering from divorce, incarceration of death. Thank you!

Bethel Church in Lawton, OK

Pastor Hubert Edison

Sometimes we hide behind serving to avoid facing the reality of those in an impoverished state. Through your contribution you allowed us to do more than we alone were equipped to do.

Jeff Patterson

Without The Kaleo Foundation, literally some kids would go without food, water, or something to drink.  Those who support you help us to feed over120 kids/day during the school year and over 80/day during the summer. https://youtu.be/pUAcWXFvzAg

Jed Chappell

Executive Director

EVE is a highly relational support group for women currently working in the sex industry in the greater Oklahoma City Metro area.  We deliver small gifts and food to 15 strip clubs, reaching over 400 women per month with the message of love, value and purpose, thanks to your commitment to generous living. Thank you for equipping us to celebrate these women, their children and families.  Together is always better…we love being a part of the Body of Christ! Founder of EVE Delissa Payne Oklahoma City, Oklahoma evesisterhood.com  

Delissa Payne

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Thank you, Kaleo Foundation. From the top to the bottom of our hearts for helping Victory Family Church of Norman with our recent Children’s; Single Mom’s; and Foster Kid’s Outreaches.  You helped us make these events very special!

Jennifer Zumwalt

Norman, OK

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful goods that will help over 100 children. It is going to a great cause that will help impact the life of a child in foster care.

Peppers Ranch Foster Community

In homes where grocery budgets are tight, the items provided were luxuries. We appreciate this more than these simple words can ever tell you.

Sheryl Barnett, ED.D

Because of your generosity we were able to provide for the Foster Care Adoptive Association of Oklahoma.  All of our Foster/Adopt children are very involved in the community. We have also had several events this year that range from trainings to fun get-togethers for foster/adopt families. It is a blessing for the families to be able to come and not have to worry about spending any money for their very large families. We wouldn’t be able to reach the people that we do without your support.

Rochelle Sims

I wanted you to know how much we appreciate the food that you donated to  60-80 needy children of all different age groups that we help once a week. One of the items given to one of our students was shared with their mother. The mother responded that the food provided for a meal, and filled her children for breakfast until lunch.

Violet West

Ozark, Arkansas

Thank you for your overwhelming support to our 835 Greystone Children and staff for Super Kids’ day. All of our children are so excited about the generosity that you provided and also in appreciating our teachers for Teacher Appreciation week.

Greystone Elementary

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Thank you for thinking of us and for helping to make the end of the school year a little “sweeter!”  

Tulakes Elementary School

Putnam City Public Schools

The Firefighters of Prague thank you for your support. We greatly appreciate what you have sacrificed to make our job easier as well as safer. We want to express our gratitude for your efforts on our behalf.

Prague, Oklahoma Fire Department

We cannot say thank you enough for all that you have provided us in making physical provisions for underprivileged families. You have made ministry easier because we are able to provide much needed items for them such as food, clothing, items for babies and personal items we take for granted.  However, to watch their faces, it was like Christmas all over again.

Reverends Lloyd and Liz Lee

Durant, Oklahoma

All of the items provided are vital to the homeless people we connect with each week. They are vital to the homeless people we see each week. They are out on the streets most of the day in the heat. It was priceless to see the reaction of those we gave a bottle of water. To say they were excited to receive these items is an understatement.  

Pastor Rodney Hutcheson

Norman, Oklahoma