Founder’s Story

Kaleo opened its doors in 2015, initially operating out of a home garage and distributing any resources they could gather to local children’s homes.

Today, Kaleo stands as a testament to the unwavering love of Christ, serving approximately 1.2 million individuals annually. This impactful outreach is made possible through the collaboration of countless volunteers, generous donors, and committed organizations that unite to serve the vulnerable in our communities.

Sam & Pam Walker

Sam and Pam Walker began developing their passion for compassion outreach when they were young children themselves, observing needs in their immediate surroundings and looking for ways they could help.

Sam and Pam’s paths converged in college, and their shared commitment to service soon blossomed into marriage. Their joint mission took them through diverse ministries, including work within the local prison system, outreach to homeless teens on the streets of Houston, and service to children’s homes in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Fairfield, Texas.

With each new location, Sam and Pam’s passion for helping the hurting grew, finding a renewed sense of purpose when they settled in Oklahoma City in 2009. It was here that the seeds of compassion sprouted into what we now know as Kaleo. At the heart of Kaleo’s existence has always been a deep-rooted compassion, a commitment to serving the hungry and hurting in local communities, and a profound desire to demonstrate the love of Jesus by showing others that they are cared for.