Family Care Boxes

At Kaleo, our commitment to supporting families in need is exemplified through our Family Care Boxes initiative. We recognize that within every community, there are individuals facing unique challenges, especially those who may not have their basic needs met.

To address this, Kaleo partners with local organizations already embedded in their communities to distribute Family Care Boxes, offering additional assistance to those in need.

What We Do With Family Care Boxes

Kaleo collaborates closely with local organizations actively serving within their communities. Through these partnerships, we identify and distribute Family Care Boxes to individuals and families facing additional challenges such as grandparents raising grandchildren, veterans, or the elderly on fixed incomes.

The selection of recipients is based on a relationship basis, ensuring that the boxes are directed to those with identified needs. Family Care Boxes typically include a thoughtful combination of toiletries and food items, tailored to address the specific needs of each recipient.

Assemble Boxes for Distribution

Your support is crucial to the success of the Family Care Boxes initiative.

Join us in the journey of bringing relief and building community through Family Care Boxes. Your involvement makes a difference.

How You Can Help

Bring your team, family, students, or co-workers for a two-hour session dedicated to assembling Family Care Boxes. This collaborative effort is not just about building boxes; it’s about extending compassion and meeting the basic needs of individuals and families in our communities.

The ideal group size is around 7-15 individuals, although we can accommodate more if needed. The boxes you assemble will be distributed through Kaleo’s network of partners, reaching those who need them the most.

Join us in the journey of extending compassion and meeting basic needs through Family Care Boxes. Your involvement makes a significant impact.

We cannot say thank you enough for all that you have provided us in making physical provisions for underprivileged families.

You have made ministry easier because we are able to provide much needed items for them such as food, clothing, items for babies and personal items we take for granted. However, to watch their faces, it was like Christmas all over again.
Reverends Lloyd and Liz Lee
Durant, OK

Your support is instrumental in ensuring the success and reach of Kaleo’s initiatives.

Make a donation today to contribute financially  or volunteer your time to actively participate in building Family Care Boxes for those in need.