Jubilee Partners is deeply grateful for the Kaleo Foundation’s donation of resources for our Summer Kids Club Program. The prizes are allowing us to celebrate every victory with each child. We have found that so often children in at-risk or high-risk situations are not offered any positive reinforcement.

We feel that positive reinforcement is a key tool in long-term success of the child. Every time the children complete an academic activity or specific goal in our program they are receiving a small prize, thanks to your generosity.

Additionally, all of the food and drink donations are a significant blessing. Due to COVID-19, we have taken our Kid’s Club program “on the road”, setting up canopy tents in front of students’ homes and at specific outreach locations. The water and Gatorade you provided is making sure our staff and students stay properly hydrated. The weekend food packs are helping us to ensure that no student is hungry in the days between our programming. Your support has been incredible and we are grateful!