One Friday evening I felt led to read Psalm 24:1, “The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.  The world all its people belong to him.”  As I went to sleep, I saw a vision of our church delivering items to an impoverished neighborhood in our community.

The next day at 1:30 PM the Kaleo Foundation called offering a “few boxes” of coffee.  However, when we arrived, we received much more than coffee!  We also received pallets of sports drinks, pallets of chips and popcorn, toiletries, feminine hygiene products, and wrapping paper.  Upon seeing the wrapping paper, God gave a clear answer as to how we were going to serve – an outreach called “Christmas in September.”

Through Christmas in September, we empowered members of our launch team and other community members to wrap gift boxes for families who could use a little hope.  The next day we hosted a caravan through a neighborhood blaring Christmas music.  Upon arriving in the neighborhood, we unloaded our U-Haul and placed gifts on each doorstep.  We served 250 families.  The families who received the gift boxes were ecstatic.  They were filled with hope and expressed their gratitude.

We are extremely grateful for the Kaleo Foundation and their support for our outreach efforts.